Dr. Dennis D. Cantu Early College High School will be sending a record number of Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) Future Health Professionals to the Area 7 HOSA Competition. Of the 50 HOSA students at CECHS, 27 have advanced to compete at the Area 7 Competition in Corpus Christi, February 17-18 in their respective categories.

During the Area Competition, students will have the opportunity to compete in events that are specific to their health profession interests. CECHS HOSA members will participate in competitive events that highlight their abilities within various categories including health science, health professions, emergency preparedness, leadership, teamwork, and recognition. The CECHS students will compete against students from Laredo, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley. 

“Attending the area conference will open a bunch of opportunities for our students. They get to be exposed to the different medical careers and it looks good on their resume,” said Mandee Walker, CECHS Health Science teacher and HOSA sponsor. “We are very proud of these students’ hard work and dedication. They have worked diligently to prepare for competition and have great pride in representing CECHS at Area 7.” 

Alejandro Trejo, a senior at Martin High School and President of the CECHS HOSA Chapter, who was a state alternate for medical spelling last year, will be attending the Area Competition for the second year in a row. 

“This year I’m going into persuasive writing and speaking and I’m going to use my oratory skill’s that I gained last year from medical spelling,” said Trejo. “My past experience will help me in terms of articulating my voice, tone, and overall demeanor, and the way I present myself in a professional manner.” 

According to Trejo there will be plenty of informational booths from schools and medical professionals that will help CECHS students network themselves in an already difficult to navigate career field. There will be a plethora of opportunities open for our members and he believes everyone will genuinely have a good time. 

“HOSA gives our students the chance to develop important skills to become leaders in health professions,” said Walker. “These skills include teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills, responsibility, and character.” 

“This is the greatest number of students CECHS has had qualify for Area and I’m very proud of my students. said Walker. “I just hope to continue to grow the program.” 

The following students advanced to Round 2 (skills) of the Area 7 competition. Michelle Flores, 4th place Medical Spelling; Cecilia Galvan, 5th place Medical Spelling; Natalie Gonzalez, 6th place Medical Spelling; Sebastian Chaires, 7th place CERT Skills; Rene Cavazos, 7th place CERT Skills; Diego Argil Gutierrez, 7thplace Clinical Nursing; Francisco Santos, 4th place CPR/First Aid; Adam Moncada, 4th place CPR/First Aid; Andrea Ramirez, 6th place CPR/First Aid; Fatima Zuniga, 6th place CPR/First Aid; Tanya Bustos, 1st place Forensic Science; Ashlee Mata, 1st place Forensic Science; Andrea Ramirez, 2nd place Forensic Science; Mia Zamora, 2nd place Forensic Science; Diego Gonzalez, 1st place Medical Assisting; Ariel Vega, 2nd place Medical Assisting; Nicole Marin, 4th place Physical Therapy; Juan Segovia, 6th place Physical Therapy; Jessica Contreras, 1st place Veterinary Science; and Yolanda Rivera, 2nd place Veterinary Science. 

The following students will be competing in the Area 7 competition. Liliana Lara Health Career Photography; Fabiola Lopez Sanchez, Prepared Speaking; Maria Jose Loera, Research Poster; Alejandro Trejo, Research Persuasive Writing & Speaking; Noah Romero, Research Persuasive Writing & Speaking, and Dayanara Ibarra, Life Support Skills.