Internal Audit Department

Elizabeth G. Henry
Internal Auditor
(956) 273-1461

The Internal Audit Department is dedicated to providing quality with audit services, both financial and operational, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Opportunities for improvement can be found in the areas of increased efficiency and effectiveness. This website is designed to provide information concerning the Internal Audit function, including the audit process, annual work plans, and other relevant and useful information.


To support the Board of Trustees and administration in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. Using our knowledge and professional judgment, we will provide a independent appraisal of the district's financial, operational, and control activities. We will provide analyses, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed.


1. Direct and continue to improve the technical and administrative functions of the Internal Audit Department.

2. Develop an Annual Audit Plan for anticipated audit coverage for the upcoming fiscal year; present The Annual Audit Plan for approval to Board of Trustees and Superintendent.

3. Conduct audits in accordance with the Annual Audit Plan. Related to compliance, operational, financial, efficiency and effectiveness will be performed.

4. Identify opportunities to improve operation performance and recommend solution to such as appropriate.

5. Recommend improvements of management and internal controls designed to safeguard district resources.

6. Perform and report on special reviews, as may be requested by the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Administration, or others (i.e. TEA, State Auditors, Anonymous Request, School Attorney, etc.)

7. Provide audit efforts with external auditors.

8. Provide training to district personnel to promote an understanding of adherence to policies, laws and regulations and application of internal controls to district operation.

9. Stay current with school district operations and audit functions by means of continued professional education.

Board Members

Monica Garcia
President, District 7

Juan Ramirez Jr.
Trustee, District 1

Dr. Gilberto Martinez Jr.
Trustee, District 6

Ricardo Garza
Vice President, District 4

Veronica V. Orduno
Trustee, District 3

Guadalupe Gomez
Secretary, District 2

Goyo Lopez
Trustee, District 5

Organizational Chart

organizational chart