Welcome to LISD's Student of the Month for high school and middle school students for the 2023-2024 school year.

This recognition program is designed to recognize a worthy student for their exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship, athletics, or volunteer service.

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February 2024 Recipients

Frida Garcia

Frida Garcia is a 10th grade student at Martin High School. She is also enrolled at the Dr. Dennis D. Cantu Health Science Early College High School and is ranked fourth in her class. 

Frida is a member of the school’s HOSA chapter. This fall she competed for the first time in Human Growth and Development and placed third in Area 7 qualifying for State where she will be competing against the top 21 students in Texas. Her favorite part of the school day is when she gets to learn about Forensic Science and Anatomy.

Frida is actively involved with the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council where she advocates the importance of literacy skills while visiting elementary schools, as well as, with her fellow committee members, bringing to light issues in the district from a student’s point of view. She was also elected by her peers as the class of 2026 President. 

Frida's future goals are to attend the University of Austin and major in Speech Pathology. She hopes to become a Speech Language Pathologist to help her community.

In her free time, Frida enjoys dancing and singing. She attended Santa Maria Elementary School and Christen Middle School. Frida is the daughter of Adilia and Otativo Garcia.

Alejandro Sanchez

Ranked 14th in his class, Nixon High School junior, Alejandro Sanchez is definitely setting the GOLD standard established at Nixon High. He is also enrolled in the Business Industry and Public Service (BIPS) Early College Academy. 

Alejandro is a member of the boys’ basketball team, Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, National Honor Society, the Interact Club, and Vice-President of the Junior Class. Outside of school, Alejandro volunteers at LISD elementary basketball games.

Alejandro plans on attending the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a degree in the science field. 

Alejandro likes spending time with his family and friends and listening to music. He is the son of Juan and Natalia Solis. 

Gerardo Justo

Gerardo Justo is a 9th grade student at Cigarroa High School and the Sabas Perez Early College High School. With a current GPA of 97.35, Justo is ranked 24 in his class. 

Gerardo is part of the district’s CTE Program where he actively participates in Welding classes. His favorite subjects in school are math because he enjoys the challenge of solving math equations and his art class where he gets to display his artistic talents in pencil drawing and painting.

Gerardo enjoys working out and is also an avid boxer.

Gerardo is undecided about where he wants to go to college. He plans on becoming a Welder.

Gerardo attended Daiches Elementary School and Cigarroa Middle School.

Laney Bernardini

Laney Bernardini is a freshman at Garcia Early College High School. She is an honor roll student who is dual enrolled at TAMIU. 

She also actively contributes to her community through various service activities, such as Laredo Animal Protective Society, SCAN, and Santo Niño Elementary Fall Festival. 

Laney’s contributions to the school community have been exceptional, and she was selected to be a part of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council (SSAC).

One of Laney's most notable characteristics is her exceptional leadership skills. Her ability to work well with others is remarkable, and she does not hesitate to lend a helping hand. She supports the growth and development of her classmates, contributing significantly to a positive and collaborative learning environment, such as tutoring her classmates. 

After high school, Laney hopes to attend Stanford University and get a master’s degree in Marine Biology or something in life science. She wants to have a career working with marine animals. 

Laney also enjoys reading and watching TV. She is the daughter of Exie and Michael Bernardini.

Elsa Villarreal

Christen Middle School seventh grader Elsa Villarreal is a multifaceted scholar who is excelling academically, embracing robotics challenges, and participating in UIL competitions. 

She is a member of the schools Robotics team, UIL Math, Science, and Number Sense, Technology Club, and Coding Club. As a Code Craft Maestro in the coding club, she elevates the school's tech landscape through innovation and collaboration. Elsa also extends her support to peers, appreciating diverse learning styles as a Peer's Advocate. 

Her favorite part of the school day is when she attends her athletics and art class because these extracurricular activities allow her to relax and express herself. 

In her free time, she enthusiastically tackles engaging school projects, exploring the realms of coding and robotics. Additionally, her keen interest in art serves as a creative outlet, allowing her to express herself through various forms.

Elsa’s personal mantra is, "I aspire to surround myself with individuals who, in a positive manner, make me think twice about my intelligence, fostering an environment of continual growth and inspiring self-reflection." 

Elsa plans on attending the Garcia Early College High School. She is undecided where she will go to college. Elsa strives to get a degree in Technology so she can become an Engineer. 

Elsa is a product of Farias Elementary School. She is the daughter of Mario and Elsa Villarreal.

Victor Amaro

Victor Amaro is a seventh grader at Lamar Middle School, who comes to school to learn and grow as an individual. Academically, Victor maintains great grades in his classes.

Victor is a member of the school’s Library Club. He is currently the top AR reader at his school. Victor’s favorite part of the school day is attending his math and reading class.

In his free time, Victor plays games like Poke Mon, Roblox and Fortnite with his siblings.  He also likes cooking eggs in any style and helps make spaghetti. Victor also looks forward to Sunday family movie night. 

His personal quote is “live life as happily as you can.”  

Victor's main goal for his future is attending TAMIU and obtaining a Master’s Degree in Communication so he can become a successful Action Adventure and Fantasy author. 

Victor attended Milton Elementary School and plans on attending Nixon High School. His mother is Maria Ramos. 

Rachael Mayo

Rachael Mayo is an 8th grade student-athlete at Cigarroa Middle School who excels inside the classroom and on and off the court. 

Rachael is in the honor society and is a vital member of the school’s volleyball, basketball, softball, and track teams. She also participates in outside sports leagues including travel volleyball and travel soccer. She is in the Future Farmers of America, and participates in fundraisers for her class. 

Rachael’s favorite part of the school day is going to her athletics and history classes

For her future, Rachael hopes to attend the University of Texas at Austin or San Antonio to obtain a degree in Sports Medicine, so she can become a physical trainer. She would also like to play college sports. 

Her hobbies include listening to music and dancing.  

She attended Santo Nino Elementary and plans on attending Cigarroa High School. She is the daughter of Elsa Villalon and Reynaldo Mayo. 

Erik Garcia II

Erik Garcia II is a sixth-grade student at Memorial Middle School. He is a driven student who is enrolled in advanced classes, has excellent attendance, and maintains an AB Honor Roll in the Gifted and Talented Program.

Erik is an exceptional student who is both a leader and a role model to his peers. 

Erik additionally devotes a lot of his time to extracurricular activities. He participates in football and basketball both in and out of school. He is on the school sixth grade basketball team and plays outside basketball with the Blackout Team and with the Laredo Bears for flag football. 

Erik plans to attend The University of Texas at Austin and pursue a degree in Meteorology. He would like to one day play in the NBA or work for the local TV station as a Meteorologist.  

Erik attended Bruni Elementary School. He is the son of John and Alyssa Guevara.