The Laredo Independent School District Procurement Department is responsible for the procurement of goods, services and construction for nearly 3,800 employees. The Procurement Department makes a wide range of purchases for 30 schools and 30 department users and awards contracts to qualified vendors in a variety of commodities.

Bidding Information 
All purchases are governed by the Federal Government, State of Texas, and the Board of Trustees rules and regulations. Although the Procurement Department is permitted to make certain purchases, the Board of Trustees delegates and sets limits on these purchases:
Up to $9,999 (goods/services) requires one price from approved vendors’ list;
$10,000 to $49,999.00 (goods/services) requires three written quotes;
Goods and services over $50,000.00 requires the bidding process. The Procurement Department advertises the bids, opens, analyzes and awards the contract to the successful bidder.
Vendors will be required to write to the Procurement Department to be placed on a master list.
Bids must be delivered to the Procurement Department before the specified bid opening date and time.

Purchase Program 
The Laredo Independent School District may purchase goods and services through one of the following methods:

  1. Competitive bidding

  2. Competitive sealed proposals

  3. Request for Proposals

  4. Catalog Purchase

  5. Interlocal contracts

  6. Design/Build Contract

Billing Information
All invoices must be sent to the following address:

Laredo Independent School District
Administration Building 
Attn: Accounts Payable 
1702 Houston Street 
Laredo, Texas 78040

Payment is made within 30 days of receipt and/or acceptance of the merchandise or service as long as the vendor provides the properly completed invoice to the Accounting Department/Accounts Payable.

The two-part invoice must include the purchase order number and a valid vendor identification or taxpayer identification number used when completing the application.

Goods Purchased by the Laredo Independent School District

  • computer equipment and supplies

  • furniture

  • office equipment

  • office supplies

  • recycled products
    athletic (uniforms, equipment and supplies)

  • medical supplies (nurses and athletics)

  • janitorial supplies

  • instructional supplies (consumable, bilingual)

  • computer equipment

  • library books

  • insurances (property and liability, workers’ compensation and health)

  • copiers (rental)

  • employee uniforms

  • foods (milk, bread, fresh, canned and frozen vegetables, canned and frozen fruits, pre-cooked poultry, pre-cooked fish, meats and other food items)

Services provided by the Laredo Independent School District

  • consulting

  • architectural

  • auditing

  • financial

  • legal

  • data access

  • electrical

  • hazardous waste removal

  • janitorial

  • maintenance for computer hardware and printers

  • computer software

  • office equipment maintenance

  • security

  • telecommunications

  • insurance

Checklist for Submitting an Invitation for Bids

  1. Make sure unit price is indicated along with extension.

  2. Make sure delivery days are quoted on the front page of the invitation to bids.

  3. Sign bid manually on authorized signature line. All bids must be signed manually or bid will be disqualified.

  4. Bids should be returned in a sealed envelope, which must have the following information on the front, left-hand corner: 
    * Bid Opening Date 
    * Bid Number

  5. Be sure bid is received in Procurement Department before the opening date and time. Late bids properly identified will be returned to bidder unopened. Late bids will not be considered under any circumstances.

  6. Be sure all forms are signed and returned.

Vendors should become familiar with the bid requirements on the Invitation for Bids form. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact the Procurement Department at (956) 273-1080.