Bullying and Harassment Investigation Process 

The school administrator will investigate any allegations of bullying and related misconduct. The district will notify the parent of the alleged victim within three days of the reported incident as required by law, and to the parent of the student alleged to have engaged in bullying within a reasonable time. If the investigation determines that bullying occurred, the administration will take appropriate disciplinary action and may, in certain circumstances, notify law enforcement. Disciplinary or other action may be taken even if the conduct did not rise to the level of bullying.

Possible Consequences as per Student Code of Conduct is dependent on the severity of the offense:

1st Offense – Warning/bullying contract

2nd Offense –In-school suspension (ISS)

3rd Offense – Change to another campus 

4th Offense - May constitute a discretionary placement to DAEP or JJAEP

Counseling will be provided to the affected individuals, including any student who witnessed the bullying.

Any retaliation against a student who reports an incident of bullying is prohibited.

Upon the administration's recommendation, the board may transfer a student found to have engaged in bullying to another classroom at the campus. In consultation with the student’s parent, the board may transfer the student to another campus in the district.


The parent of a student who has been determined to be a victim of bullying may request that the student be transferred to another classroom or campus within the district. [See Transfers on page 5 or 38 in SCOC]. A copy of the district’s bullying policy is available in the principal’s office, superintendent’s office, and on the district’s website, and is included on page 11 of the Student Code of Conduct. A student or parent dissatisfied with an investigation's outcome may appeal through policy FNG(LOCAL). The following District staff members have been designated to coordinate compliance with these requirements:

Social Emotional Wellness & Learning Support Director

Rosina Silva, Director

2400 San Bernardo


Accountability and Program Compliance

Israel Castilla, Director

2400 San Bernardo



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